Adoption Agency

As a first year student I am in my field experience 16 hours per week.  Currently, I am working with an adoption agency providing support to parents and families that would like to adopt children.

The waiting child program works with families that are looking to adopt a child(ren) that are currently in the foster care system.  These children may still be legal risk, meaning their biological parents still have parental rights (and therefore the family must support the child being reunified with bio parents or until the parental rights have been terminated) or the children are legally free, meaning that the parental rights of their biological parents have been terminated.  I compete adoptive families home studies which allows them to be a certified foster and adoptive home, complete post placement visits (visits with the family and child(ren) after the child has come to live with the family) that last between 6-9 months depending on how quickly the adoption is finalized, and assist families in looking for children that match their desires.  Children can come from local counties, the state of CO or any where in the U.S.

This is an experience unlike anything else I have ever done in my career as a social worker.  It has already given me an opportunity to learn more about the child welfare system in the state of Colorado as well as the legal challenges of adopting children abroad.

I will remain in this placement through the academic year and will finish with families that are nearing their adoption date through the summer.

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