Cool Quarters…

For those who have never been on a quarter system before, this is your chance of a lifetime.  DU’s Graduate School of Social Work operates on the quarter system, which was new to me when I started the program last year.  Basically, if you are in the two year program, you’ll be in class during three different segments throughout the school year (fall, winter, and spring).  Advanced standing is the same except for the required summer courses prior to the fall quarter.

Each quarter is ten weeks long.  The fall quarter curriculum starts in mid-September and ends just before the week of Thanksgiving.  This is a nice holiday gift as students are rewarded with a six week break before diving back into academia.  The start of the New Year is the start of the winter quarter, which runs to about the second week of March.  Students get a week off for Spring Break, and then it’s back to class for the spring quarter.  The spring quarter, as you might expect, starts at the end of March, and runs through to the last week of June.  The quarter system, in my humble opinion, proceeds rather quickly.  It is a nice compliment to the work that you’ll be doing at your internship, and classes are a good length for optimal retention rate.


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