The Graduate Classroom

The classroom experience here at GSSW has been much different from my undergraduate experience.  I often sat in large lecture halls with a seats for a few hundred to seats for 35, all without moveable desks.  Every classroom, with the exception of 1, has rolling chairs, tables that are not secured to the floors and technology!  Instructors utilize technology in their lectures and presentations including media clips that reinforce the content we’re learning about.  We also regularly work in groups to exchange ideas and brainstorm about said topic.

The most interesting classroom at GSSW is the classroom you will take all Skills Labs and Clinical courses.  It has a large mock counseling room divided from the regular classroom (think fishbowl or huge, nice police interrogation room with mirrors as walls).  This allows students to practice skills in a room that feels like a counseling office while being watched by peers and professors to receive feedback and coaching.  It’s sounds intimidating-and is!- but has been very valuable to practice my skills.

The other significant difference between the classroom experience in undergrad and graduate school is all about preparation.  You are expected to come to class having read the assigned readings and prepared to participate in a dialogue with the professor about the material.  Yes, it’s lecture but it’s not without feedback and participation from students.  This is not a one-way learning experience.  You are learning as much from the professors as you are from the readings, the input of peers, and your own analysis of each of these.

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