Training Academy

The state currently has strict training guidelines for newly hired child protection case workers. They must attend an 8 week classroom training as well as many on the job activities before they can carry a caseload. Therefore before you can work in any county human services department you must be trained properly. This became a struggle recently for interns in the department of human services that had carried some cases as part of their internship but could not be hired by their county unless they went back for 8 weeks of training. Many counties could not afford the time it takes to train so they would hire workers who had been trained, overlooking interns.

This fall counties and intern supervisors took this struggle into account and allowed interns to spend their first quarter attending the 8 week training session so that they would meet state standards. This means that once interns have finished training they can be eligible for hire. This has been an asset for both interns and counties. Counties train their interns and enjoy hiring them and having them trained makes it easier to hire them upon graduation since they are also trained by state standards. Interns also enjoy this because it makes the transition from school to work easier.

As much as a struggle the workload of this training academy has been I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has prepared me in laws and policy that I need to follow in order to work in child protection. It has also taught me skills that are very helpful when working with often difficult and unwilling families. I feel confident that my internship and the training is preparing me to be an asset to child protection.

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