Living in Denver

My wife, daughter and I moved to Denver in the beginning of September. Yes, we actually arrived a day before orientation and I think now that the first quarter is over, I’m finally having an opportunity to decompress and explore Denver and the surrounding area a bit. I love the fact that there are so many parks and trails in the city. Denver is simply gorgeous.

Driving in Denver is interesting as well. Having lived in Atlanta for too many years, I’m use to fast, aggressive drivers. Very different story here. Slow seems to be the driving mantra in Denver. So I’m  getting acclimated to this strange new world of street ettiquette!

Oh, after Thanksgiving we drove about 3 hours west to Glenwood Springs and soaked in hot springs for three days. It was pretty surreal and invigorating to be floating in a 104 degree pool with snow falling!

One thought on “Living in Denver

  1. Andre, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks! As a married admitted GSSW student, I’m hoping to connect with current students who may have any suggestions for new- comers like me regarding the housing hunt. Such as pros and cons to living on/off campus (in this specific social work program) and things that you wish you would have known when moving to Denver. I’ve set up a “tour” with the housing office to view an on campus apt (Summit) when I visit, but maybe I should really be considering off campus as I’ll be traveling into the field quite often. I’d love any tips, admonishments, recommendations you (or your peers!) may have for my husband and me. Thanks very much for any help you may be able to offer!

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