Some of the most enjoyable events to take advantage of in Denver are the professional sporting events.  This past summer I attended the July 4th Rockies game with my parents, boyfriend and a few friends.  After the game I saw, quite possibly, the BEST fireworks display ever!  It is worth the money for a ticket even if you don’t enjoy baseball–maybe the hot dogs are more your thing 🙂

Denver Nuggets game are also a great time.  I attend at least 5 games a season (which get better as they near play-offs) and enjoy the energy of the crowd, the athletic performances and personalities of players.  Plus, you can get nose bleed seats for SUPER cheap or well priced fan packs to take a small group along.

Of course, we’ve got the Broncos but those games are much more enjoyable from my couch when it’s cold.  And the Rapids soccer team who just won the MLS Cup would be a fun afternoon, if you enjoy the whole soccer thing…

Tons of fun sporting events to attend here in Denver and even more outdoor events of alternative fun (New Belgium Tour de Fat–google it!).


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