Graduate School Community

Being a graduate student can become an overwhelming role. There is plenty of reading, writing and class-time as well as internship hours that can fill up anyone’s day. However, for those that can squeeze in a little bit of free time, there are groups and events to participate in. Within the GSSW community there are several groups such as Graduate Student Association (GSA), Shades of Brown Alliance (SOBA), Multicultural Social Justice (MSJ), Queer, Equality Alliance, (QEA) and Phi Alpa, Honors Society. Students can be members of these groups or participate in programs and events that they host. These events are sometimes for GSSW and other times partnered with other DU groups and are campus wide.

GSSW also offers a guest lecture series in which professionals in the community come and speak to our students about their work in the field of social work. These lectures are often very informative in which they bring current practice into our studies and offer us an insight into the professional world.


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