Social Work, and beyond…

The University of Denver’s School of Social Work has an excellent selection of classes to choose from in order for every student to tailor the classroom experience to their individual interests.  There are four different clinical practice tracks (child welfare, families, high-risk youth, and adulthood/late life challenges), as well as a community leadership track, which I am currently in.

Not only are students capable of mixing-and-matching electives from any of the five tracks within the program, but may also accredit up to ten hours worth of electives outside of the program.  As long as you can demonstrate that the course would compliment your studies in the social work program and your intentions as a professional social worker, the options are fairly wide open.  For instances, I elected to take my policy class at the international school here on campus.  I enjoyed this class so much that I’ve decided to take another elective at the international school, Practical Tools for Microfinance.  Once I have completed my course work here at GSSW, I would like to work abroad in microfinance development.

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