Snow Daze Music Festival–Vail, CO

Last week, I heard about a free concert series featuring O.A.R. and Weezer that was taking place in Vail, CO (about 2 hours west of Denver) over the weekend.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see O.A.R. for free, so I spontaneously decided to head to Vail with a friend for a weekend full of music and skiing.

There was a good storm on Friday evening, so the mountains were covered in fresh powder on Saturday.  We got some great skiing in both Saturday and Sunday–if you ever get the chance to go to Vail, it’s definitely worth the money!  (Although I highly suggest getting a season pass if you plan to ski/board while in CO.)

On Saturday night, we went to the O.A.R. concert and made it all the way to the front row!

Overall, it was an amazing weekend–the music was great, we met some really nice people, and we got 2 days of awesome skiing in!  There is another music festival coming to Vail in March called Snow Ball and I definitely plan on going to that for another fun-filled weekend in the mountains!

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