Excited for New Courses

As we gear up for the new quarter here at GSSW, I am pretty excited to get back to classes.  Although I’m a first-year student, I have decided to take a second-year elective course called “Prevention and Treatment of Adolescent Substance Abuse.”  We had our first session on Monday and I can tell it is going to be one of my favorite classes this quarter.  I’m excited about it because….

  1. The professor is awesome!  He is really focused on making sure that we get something meaningful out of the class that we can take into the field and apply to our work.  The goal of each assignment is to provide us with tools or experiences that we can use with our clients at our internships and in the future.
  2. The professor (like many other professors here) started the class by asking what we, as students, want to learn from this class.  We were able to give him our input and he assures us he will do his best to meet our class goals throughout the quarter.  (This is just another example of how you are given the opportunity to personalize your education here at DU.)
  3. The course topic is something I am really interested in, so it will break up the week a little bit for me.  Although the other foundation year classes I am taking seem interesting, this elective is something I’m truly passionate about and I am excited for it.
  4. The class is a required course for the high-risk youth track, which I plan to concentrate in during my second year.  Taking the course this year will free up some space in my schedule next year to take other electives that interest me, but that may not be part of my concentration track.

Overall, this should be an exciting quarter and I’m hopeful that I will learn a lot of useful information from this class as well as my other foundation year classes!  🙂


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