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Hello Everyone!

As you begin your journey to learn more about the world of social work, the University of Denver, and our Graduate School as a whole, I hope you will enjoy our personal reflections and stories.   While you’re perusing the blog please don’t hesitate to take a second to ask a question or two to any of the guides.  Also, if you have any questions pertaining to admission or the program as a whole, please feel free to email me at gssw-admission@du.edu or give our office a call at (303)-871-2841.

Happy reading!

Nick Ota-Wang

Office of Admission


3 responses to “Welcome from GSSW Admissions

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  1. I am loving the blog! I think this is a great resource for potential students like myself, and reading it is really making me look forward to what life in Denver and in the GSSW could be!

  2. I’m liking this very much; I’m hungry for personal experience-sharing via this venue

  3. What a great concept! I really like the idea of showcasing the qualities of the the University of Denver, the GSSW program, and the city of Denver (what a beautiful city). I have been browsing topics and while I find all of them interesting, “Preparing to be a Social Worker” has been very informative. Regardless of my acceptance into the UD-GSSW program, I will definitely use the blog as a useful resource throughout my journey ahead.

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