Welcome from GSSW Admissions

Hello Everyone!

As you begin your journey to learn more about the world of social work, the University of Denver, and our Graduate School as a whole, I hope you will enjoy our personal reflections and stories.   While you’re perusing the blog please don’t hesitate to take a second to ask a question or two to any of the guides.  Also, if you have any questions pertaining to admission or the program as a whole, please feel free to email me at gssw-admission@du.edu or give our office a call at (303)-871-2841.

Happy reading!


Office of Admission

3 thoughts on “Welcome from GSSW Admissions

  1. I am loving the blog! I think this is a great resource for potential students like myself, and reading it is really making me look forward to what life in Denver and in the GSSW could be!

  2. What a great concept! I really like the idea of showcasing the qualities of the the University of Denver, the GSSW program, and the city of Denver (what a beautiful city). I have been browsing topics and while I find all of them interesting, “Preparing to be a Social Worker” has been very informative. Regardless of my acceptance into the UD-GSSW program, I will definitely use the blog as a useful resource throughout my journey ahead.

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