Dare to Diversify…

DU’s Graduate School of Social Work offers a wide range of course to accommodate various learning styles and interests.  The school will also allow, and encourage, students to take up to ten credits worth of course work/electives outside of the program if so desired; granted, you provide a rationale to how the alternative class selected will enhance your education in becoming a professional social worker.

For instance, I substituted the policy class require for the track that I’m in with a policy class from the international school on campus.  Those who adamantly follow my blog might remember that I have a great admiration for international community development; so, I found this class to be challenging and rewarding.  Now, during this quarter, I’m taking a class that studies the risks involved with microfinance institutions (MFI), which is a section within the vast field of human services that I’m particularly interested in.  My advice, take electives that will challenge you, and that you feel you will appreciate.  All the best, Phillip


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