Some things I wish I would have known…

I think reality has not sunk in yet, but I will be finished with my courses in 9 weeks. 9 weeks of course work left–I cannot believe it! Although I’ll be finishing up with courses soon, I still will have to go into internship to fulfill my required field hours. Anyway, it’s time to look for jobs!

In the couple of years that I’ve been at GSSW there are definitely things I’d like to have known before I started the program.

1) Speak what’s on your mind. Most professors set up a safe environment so be open with your peers. A lot of great discussion happens when people speak what’s on their mind.

2) Be proactive & get involved. If you want to see something done differently then involve yourself and again tell people what you’re thinking.

3) Take electives as a first year student. I’ve taken a number of electives in my first year. This has opened up my curriculum and I’ve also been able to take a number of classes I’ve been interested in!

4) Manage your time well. Graduate school really is do-able if you manage your time well.

5) Self-care. This goes along with managing your time, but really, do things that make you feel good. Colorado is a wonderful state that has a lot to offer us so enjoy your time here and your graduate school experience.

6) Be selective about your internship. You’re going to get an internship, just make sure it’s the right one for you. You’re paying a lot of money to be there and it’s your learning experience.

Obviously there are more things one may want to know before starting their graduate school journey, but these are just a few pertinent (I think) words of advice that come to mind!


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