Case Management

At my internship, case management looks a little bit different than you might imagine seeing in more of a clinical or therapeutic environment.  We like to call it “family support” because we, essentially, provide a little extra support to students and their families.  For example, I am currently working on finding a bed for one of my students because she sleeps on the floor.  Another one of my students has trouble remembering to bring her homework to school, so I am working with her and her mom to come up with methods that help her remember.  Although they might seem fairly simple, these things are extremely important for our students!

Last week, I was assigned a new family to case manage.  Even though the family has only been on my caseload for a week, I already know that this particular case is going to be quite a challenge for me.  In a nutshell (and without violating any confidentiality), the family has recently experienced the death of a close family member and has disclosed to us possible issues of sexual abuse.  Neither my supervisor nor myself have very much experience or knowledge pertaining to sexual abuse or greif counseling.  Just in the past week, I have started researching both of these issues online as well as looking into local resources to help this family.  I am also feeling very lucky that I am attending such a great program here at DU because I have access to faculty members who are very knowledgeable about both of these issues.  I have contacted one of my professors from last quarter (who is the head of the Child Welfare Track) and hope to meet with her to discuss this case more in depth.  The resources available to me through GSSW will definitely help in managing the challenges this case brings me.


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