Intervention in Child & Adolescent Mental Health

This quarter I’m taking a new class that is being offered at GSSW called Intervention in Child & Adolescent Mental Health. I’m pretty excited for the course material and I hope that it will be one of the most beneficial classes thus far in my career at GSSW. The first half of the course focuses on assessment of mental health in children. Though necessary, I feel as if this is repetitive information for me since I’ve been exposed to assessment so much through my internship. The part of the course I’m really excited about is the second half of the class which will focus on intervention! At times I’ve felt incompetent as a mental health provider. There have been times I’ve gotten to a point in treatment with a kid in my clinic that I just didn’t know where to go with them in terms of intervention. I think this course fits in well with my field placement and I’m excited to see myself grow as a social worker in the next couple of  months as I learn more interventions that I can apply to my clients.


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