Welcome to Field 101

I would imagine that you are nervous thinking about graduate school.  I assure you that your nervousness is nothing compared to mine learning how to write a blog.  In social work we are always looking to improve our skill set and learning to blog is a new skill for me.  That said, I am excited about sharing GSSW information this way.

Here at GSSW we have a great field program with a relationship with over 600 agencies.  This means that you would get to intern in settings that include hospitals, the state legislature, hospices, mental health centers, after- school programs, eating disorder clinics, community organizing agencies, agencies serving refugees, faith-based organizations, legal clinics, veteran’s services,  international settings, public defenders offices and on and on and on……….you would find an agency that is a good fit for your  interests and learning style.  If you come to school here you would get to choose your internship each year which is pretty unusual for social work programs.  Most programs assign you to an internship which doesn’t make much sense to us.  After all, you are the best judge of what you want to learn and experience. Stay tuned for more information about our field program. 


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