It’s official! The only thing worse than my singing is my dancing.

It was proven Saturday night that indeed, the only thing worse than my singing is my dancing.  In honor of GSSW’s  80th anniversary, we held a student event called Dancing with the Dean.  It was a smashing success with students, staff and faculty all learning to line dance and all showing off their other dance moves.  Everyone would agree that Dean Williams was the star of the show.  My dog Osa, a certified American Humane Good Citizen, was even there with a sassy bandanna (she actually needed 2 tied together as she is a big girl).  Since GSSW has our Animal Assisted Social Work Certificate (AASW), Osa gets to come to work each day and hang out  in my office waiting for stressed  people to come pet her.  She is a spectacular rescued Great Pyrenees who shows the true benefits of the Human Animal Bond.  While Dancing with the Dean was a fun event, it was also our serious effort to help build community and student engagement.  By all accounts it was a success.

Every school of social work has its own culture which is good because it’s important to choose a school that is a  fit for you. Here at GSSW we value  faculty and student interaction in the classroom, on projects and apparently on the dance floor as well.  Even our building is designed so that students walk past faculty offices on their way to class so we see a lot of each other.

Field internships also have their own culture which is why our choice model allows students and supervisors to make sure that they are a good fit for each other.  Some agencies are huge with multiple departments and some are small grass roots organizations who manage with a very small staff.  Some are structured and organized and others are better suited for students who can be flexible with a bit of chaos.  It’s great to have so many options since we all need something that suits our style.

If you find yourself at GSSW please stop by if you want to “talk internship”.  Even if you act like you are here to see me I will  know that Osa is the real atraction.

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