Navigation through a Metro area

To some Denver is a busy city, to others it is only slightly larger than a town. However, it is a pretty easy to navigate and get yourself around. Being from a different part of the country I am pretty amazed at the grid system used to map out Denver and the surrounding area. The roads, for the most part, run North to South and East to West, in STRAIGHT lines! If you miss your turn, you can easily just take the next street and end up, relatively easily, to where you were originally trying to go. The highway system is also very intriguing to someone from the east coast. The numbers for the exits don’t just go in numerical order, but also at what mile on the highway that exit corresponds to. So if you are exit 205 and you need to get to exit 193, you will be on the interstate for 12 miles, no guessing!

Public transportation is also pretty convenient within the city of Denver.  There are quite a few bus lines that run along all the major roads in Denver and intersect at the major intersections. It is pretty easy to get around the city without having a vehicle. Also, the bus lines run pretty regular, many run as often as 15 minutes! During off peak hours they still run as often as every hour. Most of the major bus lines continue to run all night long making taking public transit home from a night out very easy. Perhaps the best perk to the public transit system is that you have a free pass as a GSSW student!!

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