The Quarter System ROCKS!

Here at DU, we are on the quarter system.  Most people you talk to will complain about it because everything goes by so quickly.  It feels like you start classes and before you know it, you are knee deep in midterms.  However, I’m one of the ones that LOVE the quarter system!  Here are the benefits:

  • You only meet with each class 10 times.  (So if you don’t like the subject matter or don’t mesh well with the professor’s teaching style, it’s over really quickly!)
  • You have three terms each year, so you are able to take more classes and try out different subjects you may not have had the chance to try with the semester system.
  • Yes, midterms creep up on you really fast (we are actually in the thick of them right now), but you only have to be “on” for 10 weeks and then you get a break.
  • Winter break is super long–we get 6 whole weeks off between Fall and Winter quarter to enjoy Colorado.

All in all, I am a huge fan of the quarter system and I think you will really enjoy it too!


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