Parenthood and survival mode

As a husband and father (6 year old daughter), the balancing act between classes, work-study, internship, and a personal life can be a bit challenging. Setting aside a couple of days a week for “family time” provided some semblance of balance for me/us. Of course on other days…most days, while I was buried in school work, dialogue between us such as, (Daughter): “Papi,” can you come here?” (Me): I’ll be there in a minute after I finish this assignment” was all too common. One big shift that occurred between the Fall and Winter quarter for me is that  now I’m confident in my ability to successfully navigate my classes and that confidence has translated to me being able to spend more quality time with my family.

Something else that has provided much needed balance is that I’m able to spend one night a week with my wife as I found a babysitter whom my daughter adores. In fact, one of the other graduate students comes over once a week to watch my daughter. So, for anyone who is a parent, and is considering coming to DU’s GSSW and are considering the ramifications on parenthood/or wondering about babysitting, have no fear, you’ll probably even be able to find a babysitter, right in the program….!


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