Social Work Licensure in Colorado

Becoming a licensed clinical social worker takes some effort and time after receiving your MSW, but often results in a range of clinical job possibilities. Those who wish to practice therapy are often encouraged to obtain one of two licenses Colorado has to offer for social workers: the LSW and the LCSW. The LSW is actually required for those working toward an LCSW.

The NASW Colorado chapter website is a good resource for those interested in pursuing a social work license after receiving their MSW. The section which particularly talks about licensure in CO is:

There is also another good resource on this site which can be accessed by the following link:

The NASW CO chapter website also has a good amount of links that will connect you to the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) under which social work licensing falls.

2 thoughts on “Social Work Licensure in Colorado

  1. Thank you for sharing that information. I just moved from Texas this summer and licensure requirements are different in CO than in TX. This is very helpful!

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