From One Out-of-Stater to Another

One bit of advice to all of you incoming out of state students: transfer your vehicle registration and driver’s license right away after moving here!  I thought that, since I was a full-time student, I wouldn’t be required to switch any of my vehicle information over to Colorado state.  However, this past week I received a letter from the state of Arizona saying they were going to suspend my registration since I am no longer a permanent Arizona resident.  So, I spent 3 hours driving all over the place, making sure to get several different tests/forms completed before going to the DMV and waiting in line to pay over $200 for my new Colorado registration.  (By the way, you need to make sure you are going to the DMV for the county you live in and you will have to go to two different offices–one for your registration and one for your license.  You also need to get an emissions test and a VIN verification done prior to going to the DMV.)  They also charged me a large late fee for not transferring my registration within 90 days of moving to Colorado.  So, moral of the story: get on top of transferring your vehicle registration ASAP when you get into town!!


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