I’m Not “Just an Intern”

Every month at my internship, we host a themed party for our students and their families.  We usually provide several different activities as well as dinner for everyone in attendance.  This past week, we hosted a Valentine’s day party where the families got to make valentine cards, eat pizza, decorate cupcakes, and just spend some quality time with each other.  Normally, my supervisor runs the show and makes sure everything goes smoothly throughout the evening.  However, this week she had a prior commitment so she put me in charge of the night.  First off, this was a great experience to have because we had around 40-50 people there and I had to supervise the staff members, delegate tasks, engage with families, do a little speech, and track the number of people there.  Second, the fact that my supervisor chose me over the other two full time employees there was a huge compliment to my ability as a leader.  It feels good to know that I am not viewed as “just an intern,” but as a valuable member of my organization’s team!!


One thought on “I’m Not “Just an Intern”

  1. Kudos Katelyn; very positive post, whets my appetite for my anticipated–and-as-yet-unknown field placement–internship when I start this Fall. Keep up the good work!

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