I am a Dude

It’s true.  I am a dude.  And while my fellow male classmates and I may constitute a distinct numerical minority at GSSW, I am writing to tell all you prospective and admitted dudes that you should have no fear.  Ok fine, maybe you should have a little healthy dose of fear.  Being a male within the predominantly female GSSW cohort immerses you in a plethora of ideas and perspectives that I for one had not previously experienced.  Not only have I become more aware of the privilege that I possess as a male, but I also have been able to better understand where other genders come from.  While I undoubtedly have a long way to go, GSSW has started me on an important process.  In addition, despite the fact that I am frequently the only male in my classes, I nevertheless feel that my opinions are valued and respected, even if they sometimes differ greatly from my peers.  Although there may not be many of us, I feel that dudes represent an integral attribute of the program.  So join us and maybe I can have fellow dudes in my classes!


2 thoughts on “I am a Dude

  1. I appreciate your voice dude! I am as well; I recently crossed paths with a group sitting next to me at Dazbog Coffee and picked up snippets of conversation. I was pretty certain this was an academic meeting–and specifically, to my amusement–a Social Work group! So I approached and asked; this led to some conversation of course. At the time I was awaiting the decision for admission–which came–hooray! So what I found interesting was that one dude was part of the group; this individual spoke about the gender ratio in much the same description as you! Your appreciation and awareness of the gender influence regarding social work issues is, I agree, valuable, enriching, and important; I know it will be so for my education. I very much look forward to this as part of my GSSW experience. Rock on with smiles!

  2. Nate, though I’m not a dude, I laughed at this great post. Thanks for representing! Hopefully someday, there will be a better balance! — On a separate note, I am hoping to connect with current students (you and/or any of your willing peers?) that may be able to shed some light on the housing hunt. I received some feedback from Andre to check out Craigslist, but he suggested I also may be able to ask your opinion. As a married admitted student, I’m considering the on-campus apts as well as my options off-campus. I was wondering if you had any pros/cons or general tips that you’d be willing to share (through e-mail is good too). Specifically, I’m thinking it would be prudent to be near public transportation to get to and from my future field placements/class as parking may be tough on campus?? Thanks for your willingness to make this transition to Denver smoother for all of us!

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