Swimming with the Fish

One of the requirements for my internship – where I mentor two youth in out of home care – is that we find activities that will peak our mentees’ interests in a future career.  The young girl that I mentor has become increasingly interested in marine biology, but that is unfortunately not very common in a  landlocked state like Colorado.  What I was able to do however, was get her signed up to swim with the fish at the Downtown Aquarium here in Denver through the A1 Scuba company.  Luckily, I was able to use all of my good social worker advocating skills and was able to get the program “donated” so that my mentee and myself could do the program together for free.  It was a wonderful experience and she truly enjoyed it; she was all over the tank, looking at everything as much as possible and waving to the people walking through the exhibits.  On our way home she stated that it was “the best thing she’s ever done in her life!” and has since told me about several new books she’s started to read about marine biology.  It was a wonderful experience and was something that I hope she’ll remember for a long time!  Seeing how much fun she had on our visit is exactly why I’m here!
Getting ready to go in!


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