Nate and the Chambers of Secrets

As one of the few GSSW students who actually lives in DU’s graduate housing, I have done my fair share of valiant and intrepid exploration of the campus.  Armed with only my chaco sandals and the same mechanical pencil that I have used since my undergraduate days, I sought to map uncharted territories and push my physical and mental limits.  After surviving these perilous journeys, I have compiled a list of the various chambers of secrets and marvels that you should take advantage of during your time at GSSW.  All of these areas offer opportunities and adventures that few souls have seen.  Behold!  The best guarded secrets of DU campus.

1) Penrose Library’s video/DVD collection – This is a free treasure trove of videos/DVDs that you as a GSSW student have unlimited access to.   The selection is impressive and covers everything from documentaries and TV series to independent foreign films and Hollywood blockbusters.  Not enough people take advantage of this.

2) Sturm Law Library – When you absolutely need a quiet space to work with no distractions so that you can finish the 1,489 final exams you have that are due next week, this library is the place for you.  Undergraduates are not allowed access to the facilities, but you as a GSSW student can.  Just don’t drop anything or turn pages too loudly.

3) Driscoll Pioneer Pub – With free pool tables, large TVs with all the sports channels, and the cheapest happy hour prices in the universe ($1.50 pints), the Driscoll Pioneer Pub is phenomenal.  When all your friends want to go pay $7 for a drink elsewhere, firmly steer them in the direction of Driscoll.

4) Lindsay Auditorium Movies – DU regularly puts on free movie showings in this auditorium.  Winning.  This occur probably every other week and are usually movies that have already been through theaters.  But I don’t care and neither should you because they’re free.  Glorious.

5) Renaissance Room – This room is located in the Mary Reed building and looks like something out of the 16th century.  There are large wooden tables, chairs, and cabinet style book shelves in the walls that remind me of Dead Poet’s Society.  No one is ever in this room.   Ever.  It’s a great place to get work done or re-enact the court life of Louis XIV.

6) Joy Burns Arena Ice Skating – Tucked away in one side of DU’s Ritchie Sports Center is this ice skate rink.  As a GSSW student you have free access to it.  Winning.  Now you can break bones and bruise egos anytime you want.  What is not to like?  The answer is nothing.  Go forth.


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