Modern Slavery

Last Friday and Saturday, I attended an in-depth anti-human trafficking conference at DU.  It was a brilliant experience.  Shortly before coming to GSSW, I did six months of volunteer work in Taiwan working for an anti-human trafficking NGO and when I saw this conference advertised at DU I jumped at the opportunity.  Human trafficking is an issue that I feel very strongly about and I encourage all of you to educate yourselves on the epidemic.

The conference lasted the two full days and brought in scholars and students from not only around the United States, but also from various corners of the world.  As a student at DU, the entire conference only set me back $15, which is an absurdly good deal.  I listened to panel discussions, attended specific workshop sessions of my own choosing, heard plenary speakers, and conversed with fellow attendees on the issues presented to us.  The conference covered a range of topics from theoretical frameworks of trafficking and country specific case studies to prevention strategies and victim rehabilitation.  All in all I learned a great deal about the current efforts to combat human trafficking and directions that need to be pursued further.


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