Its……baseball time!

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is going to baseball games and living in Denver is a perfect setting!  There is a gorgeous view of the mountains and Denver skyline from Coors Field and tickets are incredibly inexpensive!  I went to a game yesterday, sat only 20 rows up from the field, and almost caught a foul ball…all for only $30!  Since my family is all from Chicago I grew up listening and watching Cubs games with my dad, and to this day I’m a die-hard fan.  Living in Denver now though means that I can’t visit Wrigley Field, but luckily the Cubbies still come out for a series verses the Rockies!

A few weeks ago the Cubs came out and I went to the 11th Annual “Cubpalooza”, a Chicagoan now living in Denver organizes the event so that Cubs fans (which almost outnumber Rockies fans here) can all get together.  For only $25 I got a t-shirt, free admission to several local bars to listen to live music before and after the game, and good seats with a whole block of other Cubs fans!  The Cubs also won, which made for a great day!  Denver’s a great city for baseball fans!

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