End of year thoughts

Today is my final day of classes. While I won’t have any classes again until Fall, I am starting my second year internship in the middle of June (35 hours a week), so I won’t really have too much of a break. However, by beginning my field placement early, I can delve much deeper into the placement, much earlier, than I would if I began in Sept. Further, a new geripsych program is being initiated at the hospital I will be interning at (St. Joseph’s), this summer, and by being able to  devote a larger  chunk of hours to the internship, I will have more time to dedicate to developing interesting clinical projects, while being unencumbered by classes/papers/studying.

I think one of the strengths of the social work program at DU is the flexibility to mold your experience based upon your needs. Just today I spoke with a prospective student who was surprised to hear at DU the student can interview with  multiple field placements as a means of sizing up “goodness of fit” between you and the placement/supervisor. A number of social work programs don’t allow students to interview at potential agencies. Further, I really appreciate having the option to begin the internship during summer. As a non-traditional student (husband/parent), this flexibility is much welcomed.

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