Wait, we’re in China?!

Hello all!

We have arrived in Chengdu, Sichuan, China!  Boy oh boy what an adventure. After 2 flight delays and an arrival at 2am to CTU (Chengdu Airport), we made it all in one piece!

Life here is looking pretty unfamiliar to our Westernized culture, but we are ready and willing to dive in head first.  The first thing we noticed were the toilets.  AHHHH the toilets.  You have your Western toilet… and your Chinese toilet.  Needless to say, that may be the one thing Kelsey and I will try and stick to the familiar with.  Although, even with Western toilets, you can’t flush anything down.  We are going to have many ‘o trips to the local dumpster.   Another thing we noticed is our American way of always forming lines.  In China, it feels as if everyone sort of “vends for themselves” if you will.  For instance, when waiting for our plane to Beijing, everyone formed a crowd around the plane entrance, even though they were not allowed on until their seat or row was called.  The same went for waiting in lines for the bathrooms and food.  It was more of a first-find, first-serve rather than a first-come, first-serve mantra.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that this going to take some getting used to.  Here, we are the minority. Not only do we visibly look different (tall blonde and curly-haired red head), but we have been raised different.  We don’t know the language and we are still learning cultural politeness.

Speaking of learning the culture, today is a day of exploration.  Sarah (who has been great and waited for 3 hours for us at the airport!) is going to show us all that is Chengdu. Hopefully we will get familiar with the lay of the land, learn where the market is, learn how to get comfortable, and just get to know our neighborhood.

Until next time…

Sam and Kelsey!

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