Field Placements: They’re Not Always Perfect

I accepted a field internship with a local hospital in an organ transplant unit in April for this fall.  Just one week before the quarter started my supervisor called to inform me that she had taken a new career opportunity with an agency outside the hospital but that the hospital was committed to providing me with a placement.  Not wishing to find a new placement, I agreed to stay and begin the quarter with many unknowns.

As the quarter progressed, it became apparent that the new position wasn’t quite the experience I wanted and didn’t fit how I best learn.  After numerous meetings with my supervisors and the field liaision, I made the challenging decision to move on from the hospital to find a different opportunity for the Winter and Spring quarters. 

It’s ideal that field placements work well for both you and the supervisor but it’s important to remember that this is YOUR internship and you have to be getting out of it what you want.  The university preaches that we take control of our learning and I feel I did just that in this situation.  I’ve since found a new internship with a small hopsice organization and I’m hopeful it will be a better fit.  Either way, it’ll be up to me to own my learning in this new environment and advocate for my own needs as a student. 

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