It’s That Time of Year Again!

This could make you think of a lot of things….taxes, scooping snow, thank you notes to Santa for all those wonderful Christmas gifts.  But, no.  It’s application deadline time here at GSSW.  As a work study in the admissions office, this means a whole lot more REAL work and less school work happening during work time.  As the application deadline nears we receive an increase in phone calls, questions about whether or not we’ve gotten your transcripts and how to hunt down those pesky reference letters!

This year has also meant a lot of changes in the application process.  Previously, when you submitted your application we printed the entire thing and put together individual folders.  This year, the entire process is on-line and from the minute you hit APPLY NOW we do everything online.  Not only is this an easier process for you, it’s proven to be an easier process for us! Although we now do a LOT of data entry, it’s far quicker and easier to do than manually putting together files.  It’s also more efficient for us to check your application when you call to see if we’ve received your transcripts and letters of recommendation. Got questions?  Don’t hesitate to call!  We’re always here…and by always I mean 8:00am – 4:30pm MST 🙂

Oh, the digital age!

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