NORTHERN IRELAND Travel Course – Spring Quarter 2012 Information!

Due to our projected anticipated enrollment in this course, a lottery will not be necessary. However, if you are interested in this course, it is extremely important that you register during priority registration on February 15th (general registration info will go out tomorrow) to confirm your spot.  Like any elective class, travel courses are subject to cancellation for insufficient enrollment.

The travel fees will be assessed at the time of registration along with your tuition and follow the DU tuition refund schedule for Spring Quarter courses:

Northern Ireland: $2600

This fee includes:  All lodging (breakfast included in the lodging) and  6 group meals, all in-country excursions, in-country guides, in-country transportation between cities, and honorariums for speakers.  In addition to the course fee,  students can expect to pay for their own airfare and getting to and from airports; 9 lunches and dinners; tourist activities that they set up on their own.

Questions about this opportunity can be directed to Nicole Nicotera, PhD by email to

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