T Minus 1 Week

Ahhhhh, I can feel the stress leaving my body!  I officially have one more day of class before completing my MSW.  Honestly, this day seemed far off just a few months ago but it’s quickly upon me  and I am getting increasingly excited to be finished.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been a tremendous two years of growth, challenging moments at internship, and fun with new, life long friends but I’m ready for the real world again.

As we finish up our course work we simply add different stressors to our life.  Instead of the pressure to finish up a paper or cramming for that last final and the need for that elusive A, we now find pressure in an uncertain job market, unanswered “What do I really want to do?” questions, and in all the changes ahead.  As I begin the job search I attempt to keep my internship supervisor’s words in my mind, “Consider your first job out of a graduate program like another internship.  It won’t be perfect or exactly what you dreamed it to be but it will allow you to grow and learn in a new environment, allow you to settle into life as a professional social worker and provide you with an opportunity to continue to learn from your supervisor.”  Despite not wanting to admit it, I know she’s right.  It won’t be perfect but it’s a start and a good way to ease back into the working world.

But first, let us all celebrate the accomplishment of being a MSW!!!!!!!!  Congrats fellow graduates.  We’ve done it!!!!  Time to get used to writing those three letters behind your signature!

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