GSSW 2012 Award Recipient Announcement

2012 GSSW Awards Recipient Announcement

Edith Davis Award

Sara Nord’s submission, Professional Development for Teachers Working with Refugees, was selected as the recipient for the Edith Davis Award, which is given for the best paper/project on a person or persons of color or multicultural topic.  Sara’s submission was a 32-page program proposal and training curriculum for public school teachers in Denver and Aurora, regarding effective practice with refugees from a variety of cultural and national groups.  The training curriculum was well written and researched, and provided specific resources for teachers, addressing underserved populations.

Tommi Frank Memorial Award

Ryan Holmes’s submission, Box Project, was selected as the recipient for the Tommi Frank Memorial Award, which is given for the most creative and imaginative social work paper/project.  Ryan developed an intervention approach with high-risk youth in which a hand-crafted wooden box is built as part of a mentoring relationship between an adult mentor and an individual youth.  The box is designed with a variety of symbols, images, and photos, portraying a youth’s life stories and experiences.   The submission included both a completed box as well as a detailed manual, describing the theoretical concepts underlying his approach, which drew upon cognitive and developmental psychology, social learning theory, mentoring theory, narrative therapy, and Jungian and psychoanalytic interpretation of symbols.

Dorothea Spellmann Award

Katie Lykin’s submission, Adult Female Sexual Offenders PowerPoint presentation and accompanying presentation notes, was selected as the recipient for the Dorothea Spellmann Award, given for the best paper or project demonstrating understanding, creativity, and competence in working with groups. Katie’s presentation reviewed the literature on group work with sexual offenders, most of which had focused on male offenders, and critically examined what group work approaches were appropriate for female offenders.  She utilized video clips in her presentation, along with clear explanations of group principles and processes.

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