GSSW Advanced Standing Classes Underway

Summer is a time for folks to get some time away, spend time with family/friends, and also a time for changes to happen! For the GSSW Advanced Standing students change has been happening for a couple of weeks now and everyone seems to be doing well. Starting Graduate School is always a challenge that will always make you think about yourself, your goals, and help you to build relationships that will last your entire life.

Summer is also a time for changes to happen to the building itself! We are currently under remodel as they make new office spaces for all the future professors and staff that will be joining our amazing program! Office 269 (former home to Richard Bishop & Nick Ota-Wang) is being made into two offices. Directly underneath in the locker room area, former PhD student office, and mail room office spaces are being created.

Summer is keeping us busy but we are doing well! We hope that everyone’s summer continues to  be well and we look forward to seeing alumni come through the building, welcoming our new students in September, and celebrating all the many accomplishments that will happen in our community.

Stay cool in this summer heat!


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