The Butterfly Pavilion

One unseasonably warm November day, my fiancé and I visited the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. Located approximately 25 minutes from the University of Denver, this local tourist treasure is home to a variety of marine animals, insects, arachnids, and butterflies. For $8.50 each, we got tickets to an impressive and interactive show.

We started our tour at the insect and arachnid display. The exhibit included different types of spiders, beetles, and bees. Brave visitors had the opportunity to let a live tarantula named Rosie crawl on their hands. I am happy to report that I am the proud owner of an “I held Rosie” sticker.

Next, we visited the marine life display. In addition to a few large fish tanks, the exhibit also included open containers that allowed visitors (supervised by employees) to run their fingers along the backs of live horseshoe crabs and starfish.

After working our way through the introductory exhibits, we were ready to see some butterflies. When we entered the butterfly house, it was full of life as hundreds of multicolored winged insects buzzed overhead. The inside of the butterfly house was extremely humid to accommodate the insects’ temperature needs, but the heat was well worth the gorgeous photos opportunities!  My camera is now home to a butterfly rainbow.

At the end of our visit, one of the employees released thirty new butterflies into the larger enclosure.  One of the butterflies even landed on my dress! It was the perfect finale to a great adventure.

I highly recommend the Butterfly Pavilion to fellow GSSW students and anyone visiting the Denver area. For more information, please visit 


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