My Admission Experience



My name is Emily and I am a part of the 2012 gssw cohort here at DU.  Today I am going to give you an overall summary about my admission experience here at DU.


When I first started to think about what school’s I wanted to apply for I visited If you have never visited this website before I would highly recommend it because you can refine your search to particular attributes you want for you future school to obtain. For example, I wanted an out of state school, a school that was accredited, and a school that is well known well-known.  Thus, DU popped up.


I then visited the gssw webpage ( reviewing the program and other questions I personally wanted answered; soon after I requested information.


Once I had decided what schools I wanted to apply for I made a poster chart that included each school, their deadline, their application fee, the amount of recommendations needed, etc… This chart really did help me throughout the application process. I would work in order of deadline, and focus on one school at a time.


With DU’s gssw application being online I had a much easier time turning in all my documents.  The only time I contacted DU was after I had finished and turned in my application. I emailed Nick so he could reassure me that my application was finished. Once he did I simply waited… which yes I know is the difficult part.


Around early march I had received my acceptance letter :). Then it was decision time. So I decided to take a trip to each grad program/school I was accepted to. Though this does take money and time for me it was really worth it.

Overall, my admissions experience at DU was pretty simple and stress free. Visiting the campus and faculty was really my deciding factor. I wish you all the best of luck in your applications and also for a happy holiday season.



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