Getting Around

I moved to Denver from a small town in Missouri.  Knowing that I would have to commute to campus through rush hour traffic scared me.  When I discovered that I could ride public transportation for free, I was very excited!

RTD, the public transportation system, has such a large service area that it makes it easy to use RTD for both work and pleasure.  Additionally, RTD buses and the light rail are much cleaner and more comfortable than I expected.  My bus driver greats me with a “good morning” when I enter the bus, and “have a good day” when I exit, creating an even more inviting and comfortable experience.

As part of a student fee, DU provides its students with passes for free public transportation.  Right away I acquired my pass and have been using it frequently ever since.  The public transportation pass not only allows me free rides along my daily route to DU but also provided me with a free ride to the airport when I was going home for a visit.

My RTD pass has already saved me tons of money, on daily fees such as parking and gas.  Alone I saved $26 round trip transportation to the airport, not even taking into account the fees I would have had to pay to park for a week.  It has also saved me time and stress.  I am able to do my homework on the bus/light rail instead of worrying about traffic on the road.  I have also been able to use my RTD pass when going out with friends.  After a few drinks with friends I was able to let the bus drive me safely home.

While in the past RTD has provided sticker passes that attach to students’ ids, new passes are in the works.  These passes will be available to students in January.  These new passes won’t have to be frequently replaced, as the stickers did, and can instead be electronically activated and deactivated for each quarter that students are enrolled.

For more information about money saving/eco-friendly transportation you can go to  At this website you can find information on RTD passes and other programs DU offers (such as renting bikes and carpooling).



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