Application not in yet? Get it in today!

It may be Christmas Eve, but the admission team will be hard at work today getting our offices ready for a visit from Santa, and making sure we deliver your recommenders their recommendation requests. Don’t worry though we don’t ask Santa who has been naughty or nice. We just like to leave him cookies  and milk, and a place to put his feet up during his busy night.

If you haven’t submitted your application yet do so today preferably by early afternoon (mountain standard time)! Our office will be closed from December 25 until January 1, and we don’t want your recommenders to wait a whole week to get our email! Remember you can submit your application and submit certain required documents at a later date by re-entering your application and uploading at a later date.

If you have any questions today or just want to wish our office a HAPPY HOLIDAYS give us a call at (303)-871-2841 or email us at

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to all! We look forward to receiving and reading all your applications soon!

GSSW Admission team

P.S. Some decision letters have been sent out. If you applied and have been waiting at your mailbox check it today! You might have a letter waiting for you. If you don’t have anything yet we will continue sending out decisions when we are back in January!


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