The Waiting Game

Hello again,


I just wanted to chime in about my experience on the acceptance/denial waiting game for graduate programs.

I know that it can be frustrating and nerve wracking to wait around hoping that some college or university will accept you; I felt the same way too. I even thought about what I would do if I did not get accepted into any program.


Thankfully that did not happen, I was accepted into four different schools and took my time in deciding.


However I do have a few tips while in the waiting game.


1) Keep Busy


2) Do think about other job options if you feel the need to


3) Focus on yourself, do some self-care activities


4)  Do not get discourage when others talk about their acceptance


5) Remember that no matter what happens, you did all you could.


Well those are my tips, I hope they help 🙂


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