Living on a Budget

Are you a penny pinching coupon clipper? How about just flat out broke from the cost of a college education (or just the cost of life in general)? Did you know that you can often get a meal, a ticket to the movies, a doctor’s medical advice, or even a beer for free?

I spend a lot of my procrastination time browsing deal sights such as Groupon, Living Social, or Deal Monkey and fantasizing about having the money and free time to purchase the deals to take a gourmet cooking class or go on a dog sled adventure complete with wine and fondue (yes, most of these fantasies include food).  However, when I snap out of these fantasies I usually find myself on one website: Mile High on the Cheap.

Mile High on the Cheap has allowed me to turn some of these fantasies into reality.  While the cooking classes might not be gourmet and the wine and cheese not accompanied by a dog sled adventure, the most important aspect is that they are free (or cheap!).

Mile High on the Cheap’s editors work hard to keep the readers of the blog updated with the latest deals and freebies.  The features of the blog range from finding the cheapest place to get gas in your area to a map of local garage sales in the summer and craft fairs in the fall.

Mile High on the Cheap has helped me to have the social life I never thought I could afford while in graduate school.  Through their daily emails (an optional feature of the site), I have found out about and attended a green chili cook off (free green chili from 15 local restaurants!), a free day at Denver’s Botanical Gardens, free weekly showings of the latest episodes of Walking Dead at my local Cinebarre, a free breakfast at Chick-fil-A, among many many others.

So, if you are broke and cheap like me, check out Mile High on the Cheap and start saving!

-Poor Graduate Student

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