Applying to Graduate School, it’s a piece of cake, right?! Well sorta…

Finding the perfect graduate program is not a piece of cake. Unfortunately it takes the entire process of mixing the ingredients, baking the cake, then having your piece of cake to find, apply, and get into graduate school.

Getting to know yourself can be done through reflection, taking personality tests (like MBTI – which I’ll get back to in a second), and knowing what drives your interests. Social Work is a program and profession full of reflection, change, and growth.

Now why does an admission guy who many of you will get many emails from and probably get tired of seeing his name show up in your inbox? Well because like many things in life getting into graduate school is a process. I mention the MBTI because it’s one of many ways for you to learn about yourself. I for example am an ISFJ which probably doesn’t mean much to you if you are not familiar with the MBTI. As an ISFJ I am an introvert, a sensing individual , a feeling individual, and to my dislike I’m also a judging type. Probably makes sense as I do look at all the great applications we receive each year. I ran across two fun diagrams that put some fun into the MBTI and help not take things so seriously. While your application needs to be taken seriously you also need to sit back and enjoy the day. In the spirit of enjoying the day check out MBTI in the world of Harry Potter & Star Wars.



Now that I have distracted you enough and helped you hopefully have a laugh it’s time to apply today!

Remember that you can always apply for our program by visiting I’m always available for you to email back (remember I am email guy) to or give me a call and chat (303)-871-2841. I’m here to help!

Happy applying!

Nick Ota-Wang aka “Email Guy”

GSSW Office of Admission


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