The Admissions Process

After conducting some research on top Social Work programs, I had ran across the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. Upon reading through the website I felt greatly informed about what type of educational opportunities that are offered at GSSW. I had decided to apply for admissions in the winter. The process of aplying was direct and easy to navigate. When I had any questions staff at GSSW were quick to respond. I was updated during the application  process as to all the information received by the school  was updated daily and I was even given a heads up to what still needed to be turned in. I appreciated the updates as some of documents did not reach  GSSW before the priority deadline.

I was finally notified that all of my materials had been submitted for reviewal and that I would have a respons within a given time frame. GSSW held true to providing me with notification of my status in the time frame they had intially gave me. In working with all the staff I was also able to visit the school and received additional personalized information. I was greatly informed about resources to succeeding in and outside of graduate school. Throughout this entire process ever staff member I was in contact with was punctual and friendly with all forms of communication. The contact with staff alone made my decision easy in deciding to attend the Univeristy of Denver Graduate School of Social Work program.

The constant contact that I had received from GSSW was outstanding in comparison to other programs I had applied to. The staff wants individuals to strive in reaching their full potential and provide them with the best opportunities possible for success.

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