Be(A)ware Campaign & Queer Equality Alliance

A recent event here at the University of Denver have brought the campus community together in the support of students of color and members of the LGBTIQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer & Ally) community.

Below is the email that was sent out to the GSSW Community. Further below the response that our own GSSW students have created in support of all students at GSSW and here at DU.

On October 28th at the University of Denver, an extremely hurtful message was written on a mirror within a multicultural floor in a first year residence hall.

In an effort to combat this issue and bring awareness to our entire Pioneer community, the Be(A)ware campaign hopes to highlight and celebrate the incredible diversity on our campus.

You can submit a photo here <>. Feel free to contact us at:

To view student responses and pictures, visit:

The Queer Equality Alliance (QEA) here at GSSW made their own responses by posting many messages around the building. Below are just a sample of some of the messages left in the hallways, on a microwave, in the restrooms, and on the vending machines in the building.

Thank you QEA for showing your support!

The GSSW Community


Exploring Denver for Less

As a graduate student I have taken full advantage of the free light rail/bus pass to explore the city.The freedom of this pass has allowed me to explore the downtown area without having to worry about driving or parking. There are multiple free or low cost opportunities to find out what Denver is all about. Once a year the city of Denver hosts a free museums night. Free museum night is fully funded by the city which has coach buses take you to and from multiple museums. Aside from just the one night of the year there are other opportunities to go to museums for free throughout the year. Aside from the museums a must do is going to the monthly art walk on Santa Fe. The art walk occurs the fist Friday of the month in the art district which has a wide array of studios, galleries and shops to brows through. Aside from the unique art work there are also many other venders  who come and provide food via food trucks, sell drinks and hand made local items.