29th Annual Marade

This past Monday, Americans all over the country commemorated the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. with parades, community service activities, rallies, and marches. The citizens of Denver were certainly no exception as the city hosted its 29th Annual “Marade,” the largest gathering in the nation to honor the influence MLK has left on our country’s civil rights history.

Being a member of GSSW’s Queer Equality Alliance (QEA), I had the opportunity to collaborate with my peers and colleagues to participate in the Marade (a two mile march through bustling streets of Denver), carry a six foot banner, and proudly represent not only the institution of DU, but also pronounce my belief that there are still rights being withheld from individuals all over this country-ones that are worth fighting for. The Marade itself was spectacular-it was so powerful being in the midst of so many individuals listening to the inspiring words of MLK, many applauding the progress we’ve made, many hanging their heads in prayer for the long road we still have ahead. As the Marade ensued, political parties lined the streets touting their campaign efforts, sports teams cheered in unison, journalists snapped photos of the event. I felt blessed to  have taken part in the experience.

Being a student at University of Denver, especially in the Graduate School of Social Work, numerous opportunities are afforded-many of which include community involvement and support for those individuals who may not otherwise have a voice. QEA is one of many students groups in this program who are serving the graduate community (and the larger community of Denver) to represent the importance of celebrating diversity and fighting for equal rights. 

Below are some photos taken from this week’s Marade!

Members of QEA and SOBA (Shades of Brown)






Gathering at the MLK statue in City Park, Denver




Beginning the Parade/March





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