Pow! Pow! Pow!

One of biggest influences in my decision to choose GSSW derived not only from the exceptional program and the opportunities to work within such a diverse community as Denver, but also the opportunities that abound in the lush Rocky Mountains. I’ve been an avid snowboarder for the past ten years, and the prospect of moving to a place that offered the urban flare yet was still within a short morning’s drive to the hills was something I simply couldn’t pass up! Also, by being a student here at DU, I’ve been able to afford multiple trips to multiple mountains by purchasing the Rocky Mountain Super Pass and apply an enormously large student discount-making these trips worthwhile AND affordable. While I’m still relatively new to the range (I did most of my riding in the Sierra’s) I have been nothing short of impressed at the variety of riding opportunities-from several different trail options, trees, moguls (for you skiers out there) and compared to my California trails, these runs seem to go on forever!

My favorite resorts so far have been Copper Mountain and Mary Jane (the sister mountain to Winter Park Resort)-both within an hour and a half drive from the city. Does it get any sweeter than that?!

Mary Jane (LOOK at all those trees to explore!)





It’s all smiles at Copper! My first run EVER in the Rockies!


If you have a niche for hitting the slopes and are considering it as part of your graduate school relocation, than believe me when I say Colorado is nothing short of mind-blowing. 

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