ROCKIES!!… (the team, not the mountains)

Sun is shinning, temperature is rising, ahhh baseball season must be approaching!!! Growing up outside of Boston I was bred to love baseball. However, with a baseball stadium like Fenway being your home team’s field it is very expensive to go to a game, if you can even gets your hands on tickets to even the leagues worst teams of the season, never mind to Yankee games! Being out here in Colorado┬áI have the opportunity to attend baseball games as well as doing it without breaking my poor grad student wallet! My husband-to-be and myself are going to go to 25 games this season, going pretty much weekly! The Colorado Rockies are offering mini-plans this season which allow you to pick 25 games you would like to attend at a 40% discounted rate, with little service fees!! My summer is finally going to be filled with LIVE baseball games seeing almost every team in the National League! Life in the Rockies- you can enjoy the finner things in life, without the finer cost!