From One Out-of-Stater to Another

One bit of advice to all of you incoming out of state students: transfer your vehicle registration and driver’s license right away after moving here!  I thought that, since I was a full-time student, I wouldn’t be required to switch any of my vehicle information over to Colorado state.  However, this past week I received a letter from the state of Arizona saying they were going to suspend my registration since I am no longer a permanent Arizona resident.  So, I spent 3 hours driving all over the place, making sure to get several different tests/forms completed before going to the DMV and waiting in line to pay over $200 for my new Colorado registration.  (By the way, you need to make sure you are going to the DMV for the county you live in and you will have to go to two different offices–one for your registration and one for your license.  You also need to get an emissions test and a VIN verification done prior to going to the DMV.)  They also charged me a large late fee for not transferring my registration within 90 days of moving to Colorado.  So, moral of the story: get on top of transferring your vehicle registration ASAP when you get into town!!


I Just Fell on my Face

I spent this past weekend falling on my face.  A lot.  It was fantastic, and possibly even mind-blowing.  Why?  Because this weekend I was snowboarding up at Copper Mountain with the kids from my internship.  My internship placement this year is with a small nonprofit in Denver that runs an outdoors experiential leadership development program for low-income minority youth.  Basically, I win.  One of our annual trips is the snowboarding trip to Copper.  As an intern, I was able to take a group of 12 youth up to the mountains where they were able to rent equipment at no cost and have free access to the mountain for the entire weekend.  It was a blast.  Most of the kids had never been snowboarding before and some had never even been to the mountains.  Being able to include these kids in the frequently exclusive outdoors  world was an amazing process to witness.  I spent the entire weekend on the slopes with the kids, falling on our faces and taking it all in.

Why I chose University of Denver…

During my application process, I ended-up applying to three different institutes for my MSW – the University of Denver and two other top ranked schools.  I was accepted into the three different programs, but I made the decision to attend the University of Denver for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, I was attracted to the core curriculum that is provided at DU’s Graduate School of Social Work.  There is a multitude of classes that the program offers, and students can tailor the course work in their concentration year to how they feel best suits their educational needs.  Secondly, the admissions team was very helpful with questions I had throughout my application process.

One of the biggest components for my decision to attend DU was the financial assistance that I was offered; of course, finances are based on individual need, but, as noted on our website, the program provides financial assistance to the majority of incoming students.  Lastly, I chose University of Denver because I thought Denver would be an excellent city for all of the above: attending school, completing my internship, networking for a perspective job, and, most importantly, enjoying life.

Track / Certificate / Program Information Sessions 2011 part 1 (VIDEO)

The following track / certificate / program information sessions are intended for students as they plan their concentration for the academic year 2011-2012.  Requirements and specific offerings change from year to year, so always check your student handbook for accurate information. Look for sessions on High-Risk Youth Track, Denver Family Institute cooperative program, Social Work with Latinos/as Certificate, Animal Assisted Social Work Certificate, and Interpersonal Trauma Studies Certificate to be recorded and posted over the next two weeks.
Continue reading “Track / Certificate / Program Information Sessions 2011 part 1 (VIDEO)”


Thus far this ski season has been amazing! It is only January and some of the major ski resorts like Copper Mountain and Breckenridge have base depths between 70 and 90 inches. Just in the last week most resorts have received 40+ inches of snow. It’s pretty amazing that some of these world-renowned ski resorts are only a short drive away from Denver. Continue reading “Powder!!”

Navigation through a Metro area

To some Denver is a busy city, to others it is only slightly larger than a town. However, it is a pretty easy to navigate and get yourself around. Being from a different part of the country I am pretty amazed at the grid system used to map out Denver and the surrounding area. The roads, for the most part, Continue reading “Navigation through a Metro area”

Sunny Weather

After moving to Colorado from Northeast Nebraska, I quickly learned that there isn’t a better place in middle America to live!  Colorado provides the best for 4 seasons–sans humidity!  Summers are mild with a few weeks of hot temperatures, followed by mild autumns with beautiful fall colors, winters with just enough snow (that melts within the week due to our SUNSHINE and mild temps) and springs with just enough rain to make everything green again!

Looking for a city/state that allows for outdoor activity every season of the year?  Make Colorado your home!