What to do with Visitors in Denver!

Recently, my family visited Denver and in the midst of midterms I was wondering, “what in the heck am I going to do with you?” 

For most, the promise of micro-brewed beer and hiking is enough but my mom doesn’t drink or hike….sooooo?

Here are the activities we partook in throughout the weekend:

Day One: Explore Golden and surrounding area

1. Buffalo Bill’s Grave

  • Hokey but fun to read about the history of the wild wild west. For instance, did you know Buffalo Bill was Colonel? 
  • Awesome overlook of the city and into the beautiful mountains surrounding Denver
  • Minimal hiking with still a look into some lovely landscapes
  • On the way out there is also an old Mansion that is an historical place and open to the public

2. Coors Brewing Tour

  • Up until 4pm Thurs-Mon, you can tour Coors Brewing Company for FREE. 
  • While my mom does not like drinking, seeing the inside of this factory was pretty amazing
  • 3 free beers!

3. Golden Gate Canyon Park

  • Since Mt Evans wasn’t driveable, this was a great alternative. We were able to get high enough in altitude to see some snow.
  • There is a cheesy little gift shop at the visitor’s center with a nice little loop that is flat and mom-friendly.

4. Dinner in Golden!

  • Golden has a very cute little downtown with a lot of places to eat
  • We also ate some delicious ice cream (peanut-butter chocolate=amazing!)

Day Two: Downtown Denver

1. Denver Art Museum

  • There is a neat exhibit right now at the Denver Art Museum called “Passport to Paris.” This was definitely a great way to spend a few hours.
  • Also the Museum Cafe was a nice place to grab a coffee and pastry to rejuvenate. 

2. Capitol Building

  • This site is a good spot to explore and view downtown
  • We were there during the Rock and Roll Marathon so we watched the race for a bit

3. Colorado Mint

  • Unfortunately, this building was closed but it is our plan to return with the fambam during the week.

4. 16th Street Mall

  • This is a nice walkable outdoor mall that gave my mom a chance to experience more of downtown Denver
  • Also a good spot to grab dinner!